We’ll provide needed support

WordPress is fairly easy to manage as long as you know the basics. All you need to do is install this CMS through an installer on your hosting account. It takes a few simple steps to complete the installation process. You can tweak the look of your site by editing the CSS code on the dashboard. If something goes wrong, you will receive an error message. It is actually pretty easy to deal with WordPress. When an error message shows up, it means that the new code that you've inserted is not complete or wrong.

Every page is represented by a unique stylesheet, so you don’t have to totally change all the code if you only want to do small changes to the site. We're ready to assist you with your WordPress blog. There are plenty of things you can do, like adding and removing plugins, content, and others. Every plan that we offer already includes support WordPress. If you need any, just use our contact page to get in touch. We'll respond to every problem you're dealing with and try to fix it as fast as we can.

Typical support requests

Email problems. Have you noticed recently that your site has failed to send emails? Emails are an important way of online communication, so you can lose more than you can afford if this problem persists for a long time. You need to identify the problem and fix it right away.

Login problems. You may have forgotten your login password, but it is not a big deal. Or someone has probably changed it without your consent. We can help you bypass the system and reset the password from your hosting account.

Error messages. When you have error messages displayed on your site, it’s time to contact us for professional support. There is a solution to every problem, so we are confident that we can fix any issue with your WordPress blog.

Media file problems. There can be problems that arise out of uploading new content to the web server. Whether you are trying to upload an image or another type of file, you can tell us if something goes wrong.

Widget configuration. Understanding sidebars and widgets is not particularly difficult. They are the core component for the dashboard, so you will get in touch with these elements very often. If you want to properly configure widgets to make them look good on the site, just contact us.

Changing content. There are many possible changes you can do to your site. If you need to change specific areas only, then we can help figure out from which parts of the site you should do it.

Plugin installation. There are countless plugins created by many developers. Some are new, while others are outdated because they haven’t been updated for so long. If you need help regarding plugin installation, please reach out to us. Several plugins contradict each other, meaning that they can’t be installed together. We can also solve conflicting plugins installed on your site.

Menu changes. Unless you want to make changes on the CSS-level, restructuring menus is not that difficult. Unfortunately, some WordPress users still have no idea how to make a change. We can help you with that.

Settings configurations. WordPress has a settings section where you can make changes that affect the entire site. If you have difficulties, leave us a message.

Database errors. A database can be corrupted in a number of ways. Nothing frustrates a webmaster like a corrupted database. The problem with this problem is it will bring your site down, but it’s still highly possible to get it back up.