Who is monitoring your website?

The owner of a website should partake in keeping an eye on the website. There are many things that we have to constantly monitor, including emails, uptime, malware, hacking attempts, and others. Keep in mind that your website will be under constant attack especially if it is popular enough for the hackers to find it through search engines. Those bad guys have many ways to get into your site unnoticed. Besides hackers, bad links are another threat that can mess up the rankings of the website on search engines. If your site has plenty of error pages, it can be penalized by Google.

It becomes interesting because not all webmasters care to monitor their sites on a regular basis after they are created. After a website has been published, it is your responsibility to maintain and keep it working. If you neglected it, you could lose it in the future. Your emails need to be continually tested as well to ensure they're still working.

Common types of monitoring:

Website uptime. This is a common issue many people have to deal with. Your loyal visitors can leave your site forever if they notice it goes offline frequently. Besides, it has an impact on your revenue as well. We will monitor the uptime of your site to avoid all these bad situations.

Page-load speeds. Page-load times are highly dependent on the server’s performance. When your server never goes down, your site will always be online without a problem. We optimize every server to improve the speed of your site.

Security threats. Hackers are smart. They know how to bypass even the most intricate security systems. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your site and see if there are any vulnerabilities. We can help by blocking people who try to do multiple login attempts. They probably use bots to do so. We will also remove or change lines that we consider suspicious.

Website traffic. We can also provide you with analytics of your site. It is important for a webmaster to understand where the visitors come from and how hooked they are with the site. When they like your site, the bounce rate should be lower. There are many ways you can do to improve the user experience.

Email blacklists. Many people don’t know when their mails are flagged as spam. Well, we will notify you if any of your emails are blacklisted by third parties. Blacklisted emails bring nothing but lost revenue.

Data Crawl. Google is one of the most important search engines today. Therefore, you must be concerned about how your site is perceived by this search engine. Let’s optimize your site, so that Google loves it again and boost its rankings.

Content scans. We regularly conduct quality inspection checks just to ensure everything is okay. We check on your website’s content and try to find broken links and other troublemakers. Once we have found the problems, we will fix them right away. These issues need to be addressed quickly before they cause further damage.

DNS changes. As a webmaster, you must keep up with the latest hacking methods. DNS manipulation is one way to mess with your site. A hacker can change the DNS settings without your authorization. There are many problems that can arise if they managed to do so, like manipulating your email accounts and website traffic.

We’ll take care of your site

With our monitoring service, now you can get detailed information about blacklisted emails, update servers, DNS changes, and others. There are many other features you can enjoy, like Google analytics and automatic reports.

We monitor your site through the following ways:

Site-uptime monitoring

We have a monitoring system that keeps checking on your site frequently. This is the only way to know if there is downtime. Each case is different, but we will try to get your site back up anytime this happens. Downtime is inevitable, but if an immediate action is taken, your visitors will not notice that.

Speed ​​testing

We will help speed up your website in many ways. Nothing frustrates more than a slow-running site that takes forever to load. There are many ways to determine whether a website runs fast or slow. Our systems allow us to record and test your site and improve its page-load times for the best user experience.

Spam monitoring

There is nothing positive about spam. Sending spam mails using a website is a negative SEO practice. It will put the affected site in trouble. Aside from spam emails, we will take action if someone is trying to sabotage your site by sending out spammy links.

Blacklist monitoring

We feel the need to keep an eye on your email accounts because they mean a lot in online business. When an email gets blacklisted due to malicious activity, the owner may lose revenue. We have a method to detect when an email is blacklisted. We will work on the issue if that happens to you.

Malware scanning

Malware is a big threat to every site and it can come from anywhere. We can prevent it from coming by scanning your plugins on a regular basis. Security holes in plugins are not only threatening for your website, but also for your traffic and income. Your visitors deserve the best protection from you.

Many types of scans

Hackers have many ways to ruin your site, like injecting bad scripts. You may not realize it, but our systems can help detect them. If there has been any bad code injected to your site and affected its appearance, we can find it quickly.

Google analytics integration

Google Analytics are trusted by many webmasters. You must use this tool from Google. We can also connect your site to Google analytics, so that you will receive reports of the traffic and other essential information.

Google webmaster tools

Another series of powerful tools from Google designed for tech-savvy users. If you really care about how your website performs, then use these tools. And if you have become our partner, we’ll be glad to connect this console to your site and see how it boosts its performance.

DNS monitoring

DNS is an important part of a website. A hacker can also ruin a website by changing the Domain Name Settings. None but you should have access to the DNS configuration. When the DNS is changed, your site will probably no longer be pointed towards the same server. As a result, the hacker can take over and use it to send junk emails. We want to protect you from that.

Backdoor scans

We regularly scan for backdoors that may have unwittingly been added to your website. Even if you have been so strict when it comes to maintenance, hackers can still do that. Thankfully, we can scan through the site in order to find backdoors.

Login monitoring

We can also detect suspicious activity through failed login attempts. You are the one authorized for the site. If there was a login attempt not coming from you, a hacker probably did it. In fact, you will probably deal with multiple hackers as your site is gaining popularity. We have the tools to understand the patterns that malicious hackers usually follow.

Broken link checker

Broken links are just as bad as missing pages. A website that is managed professionally shouldn’t have this issue as it only makes the website look amateurish and abandoned. We have a tool to check broken links and take action if they do exist within your website.

Disk space monitoring

Another way of improving your site’s performance is by avoiding space overuse. A large storage space doesn’t guarantee it won’t run out in the future. Before your website goes down because of this, we will tell earlier when the space can no longer accommodate a large amount of data.

Keep away unreal Google bots

Google bots visit websites frequently and it is not news. The problem is many fake robots act like they are sent out by Google when it is not actually true. We will filter these bots out because they only burden your website. Yes, they are pretty much pointless and bring nothing positive to the site.

"404 page not found."

Are you familiar with this notification? This is when a page no longer exists in the original place. These pages are bad for SEO. Therefore, you need to check on missing URLs continually. Our solution to this problem is redirecting the broken links to other pages.

Let's tune up your website

We don’t want you to lose potential visitors and income. Therefore, we highly suggest you buy one of our recommended plans. Buy one and we will take care of everything.