Do you need to update WordPress regularly?

The answer is yes. Your WordPress needs to be updated the moment a new update is available. WordPress constantly develops their platform to ensure the users' safety. Remember that no CMS is safe from threats. As one of the most popular blogging platforms today, attackers seem to put more effort into hacking WordPress blogs. They continually create new patches to fix security issues. Updating WordPress is so easy. All you have to do is click on the install button and wait until the new update is installed. Since WordPress is an open source program, people can easily figure out the new patches that have been made.

Therefore, even though new updates provide better security, it doesn’t keep you away from hacking. Your site can still be prone to hacking. However, it is always better to keep the site updated instead of ignoring it. Plugin developers also constantly update their plugins. Not all of them do this on a regular basis. There are many that haven’t been updated in more than a year. Therefore, you need to more cautious when it comes to adding outdated plugins to your WordPress blogs. Plugin updates usually bring more features and security patches.

What should I do to update the website?

Updating a WordPress blog is as easy as clicking the update button on the admin page. It is actually very simple. However, not every update would run smoothly. Though it sounds simple, the actual process is not. You need to make sure there is no problem with your internet connection because if the ongoing process is interrupted, it can cause the site to go down. This is a common problem many webmasters have to deal with. Your hosting should also be in good shape before you click on the update button. The server needs to run smoothly.

We can help you by testing out every update on your site. We just want to make sure everything is okay when you decide on updating the website on your own. If an issue was found, we would be quick to check and find a solution. To avoid unforeseen damage, we also save backups of your site from time to time. You can rely on the backup systems that we have. We take a screenshot of your website before and store it with us. Why? A small change can affect the layout of the site. So, if you happen to dislike the new appearance, we can go back to its previous scheme instantly.

We will boost your site’s performance

We do our best to maintain your website and apply the latest updates to it. Every package already includes free maintenance. Just buy one, we will help you maintain your website from time to time. As a webmaster, you want the latest features and security features, don’t you?

Here’s how we manage every client’s site:

Database optimization. The primary use of a database is to create the website dynamic. Since it is an integral part of your website, make sure it works efficiently. We will optimize it when it needs any.

WordPress core updates. This is very important and we do it regularly. Whenever we notice that a new update has arrived, we will test it out and apply it to your site. Don’t worry about downtime because we will ensure your site remains online while we’re working.

Hack cleanups. When a website goes down after being hacked, there are a few steps to take, so that you can restore it. Start with choosing new passwords because most hackers get into a site by knowing the essential passwords. Once they get in, they can do many things, like injecting bad scripts or files. We have to detect and remove the backdoors and other bad stuff they have left. That’s the purpose of cleaning up after all.

Plugin updates. Besides the platform itself, the plugins also need to be updated constantly. Plugins have become an important element for every WordPress blog. Even for webmasters that don’t pay much attention to plugins, they still install one or two. You can install a lot more because plugins are classified into many categories and have many different functions.

Error resolution. Errors can appear suddenly and there are many underlying causes. We’re here to solve any errors that pop up on your website. There is a solution to every problem. As long as we know the root problem, we can fix it immediately. Minimize the amount of errors on the site and make it run smoothly again.

Fully managed hosting. Do you want a fully-managed hosting account? You can choose from a variety of plans that we offer. All of them already include hosting support. There is no need to stress over stuff or installation because we can assist you with anything related to your WordPress blog.

General maintenance. We will also do regular maintenance, such as deleting spam comments. There are many tools like akismet, but they still need manual testing. Other forms of maintenance that we can do are boosting the site’s speed, migration, editing old posts, etc.

Image optimization. Images are mandatory for a website. They come in different types and sizes. To prevent the site from running slow, you must learn how to optimize the images. There are many ways to do it. We can help you improve them with our optimization tools. We also monitor the process manually.

Tune up your website

Do you generate income from your site? If it has become your primary source of income for a while, time to step up your game by improving it on all fronts. The security needs to be enhanced, the page-load times, images, and others need to be optimized. Get started today!