Not all hosting is the same

Terrible speed. This is a common issue with so many hosting companies. They care more about profits, so they would just put so many websites on one server that will cause trouble in the future. Additionally, these servers are not usually equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a result, they don’t work as great as private servers. All sites hosted on such servers will affect each other's performance.

Security limitations. This is another problem with shared hosting. You should know that when you host your site in a shared environment, security is not its strongest point. You share the same resources with them, so if one got blacklisted due to malicious activities, others would be flagged as suspicious, too. It is easier to get your emails blacklisted in such an environment.

Not WordPress-specific. There are many types of hosting we can find today. Not all of them are focused on providing safe environments for WordPress blogs. Most of them manage different kinds of CMS. However, if you need the best support for your WordPress blog, you need to look for hosting that specializes in optimizing this CMS.

Limited support. It is very unfortunate when a hosting company is only known for its affordable packages. Excellent customer support is important especially for new webmasters who need to learn a lot about using WordPress. While WordPress is not the most difficult website builder, we still need to learn from someone who is an expert.

Limited server configurations. You might have been accustomed to a little amount of flexibility given by your hosting provider. It is time to switch to a company that provides you with more flexibility to configure your own server. It is not cool anymore to deal with severe limitations especially when you want the best protection for your site. With more flexibility, you can do all kinds of optimizations with ease.

Lack of backup systems. A good hosting company should provide you with reliable backup systems because backups are one important element of site maintenance. Without reliable systems, you are at risk of losing your valuable investment, which is your website.

Every plan includes fully managed and optimized WordPress hosting!

Nope, but if you dream of a trustworthy management service, we can make it happen. We have numerous support plants for you to choose from. They are fully managed and highly-optimized. Now you can set up your dream WordPress blog without fear or losing or messing it up in the future. We have faith that our reliable hosting environment will help you a lot when it comes to building and maintaining a successful site. Not only the fact that the servers are strictly maintained and provide incredible speeds, but also the fact that they are equipped with so many essential features to keep your site secure. We start it from scratch, developing our hosting environment that is specifically designed for WordPress blogs. These special websites need hosting and our hosting is the answer. We use servers with incredible performance and that’s not the end of it. We also use the best tools in the game to help you do a lot of customizations.

Since we are in charge of our hosting environment, we can also solve any issues that clients deal with. There is no need for us to understand how the system works because we own everything. We can make adjustments as we please to suit your needs. We thoroughly understand our system in and out.

Most importantly, we provide full support to you. Our plans are fully-managed, meaning that you only need to buy one and hand over everything to us. We are not a hosting company even though we work like one. There are a few things that set us apart from others. Our primary concern is WordPress, so we offer plans that include WordPress optimization.

If you’re interested in our premium WordPress hosting, here are the great features:

No overselling. One thing that many hosting companies fail to realize is no-overselling. They are focused on profits more than anything. To us, our clients are worth more than anything. So, we’re trying our best to deliver excellent service by not overselling because it is the root cause of major problems, like outages and slowdowns.

Memcached. Why should a server come with memcached? This is great for the speed of the server. It works by reducing the number of times a database needs to be called. This in turn affects the accessing speed of your website.

Exclusive environment. Do you need an exclusive environment? Well, that is what you will find here. We really care about the websites that we manage and their owners. We know all the information about the webmasters on our system. We try to avoid unsecured websites as they can harm others hosted on the same server.

Optimized for WordPress. As we've said before, our hosting plans are optimized for WordPress. We love and live for this CMS because there is are a lot of things we can do with it. Once you have a WordPress blog, you need to optimize it and make it more competitive on search engines.

SSD drives. SSD drives have become an important part of our lives. When it comes to computer technology, SSD drives play a huge role. They are totally different from conventional drives. In this particular case, different means better. You will have a blazingly-fast experience with our servers.

Full management. We will assist you with your website setup. Installing WordPress is not particularly difficult, but if you are a newbie, we will tell you how to do it as well as optimize it. You need your website to suit your preferences.

Google pagespeed ​​module. This is a proprietary tool from Google. It's designed to help webmasters enhance their website. Your site will benefit from that because when used properly, it will increase the page-load times. Many people still don’t know it exists. Now that you know, use it accordingly.

Advanced monitoring. We’re directly involved in the monitoring of our system. We have an array of multiple alert systems to make sure everything is working fine. These systems will warn us anytime a new problem is found. We will fix all those problems right away.

Monitored backup systems. We've said many times that backups are an important thing in managing a website. We feel the need to ensure your website is secured. Data loss can happen to anyone. With reliable backup systems, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of losing your site. If it indeed happens, we can restore it quickly because our backup systems are as reliable as they come.

Locked-down security. This is a common term that every webmaster should know. There are many different types of prevention we can employ to ensure the safety of a website. Your website will be vulnerable to attacks if it is not equipped with security features. The problem with hosting your site in the same environment as others is that bad sites can wreak havoc on your site. If they get flagged for spamming, your emails can also get blacklisted.

Tune up your site fast

The only way to find out the quality of our hosting environment is by giving it a try. Don’t miss this opportunity. Create your personal WordPress blog right now. It is not just a regular blog, but an optimized one. Get started today and we will tune up your site.